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September 6, 2016
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Sta Anise or Chakri phool in Hindi.
Star anise
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Star Anise 100gm

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Star Anise  or Chakri phool or Chakra phool in Hindi. It is one of the 5 spices used in Chinese 5 spice powder apart from Cloves, Fennel seeds, Cinnamon and Sichuan pepper. It is rich in minerals and vitamins A, B & C. Star Anise is  often used to make soothing and healing tea. It is recommended to have the Star Anise Tea after food, as it improves digestion. As a cooking spice it is used for sweeting soups, flavour stews and other dishes. Its also used in puddings and pastries.

Star Anise spice in dome shaped spice jar. Ideal for storing and for gifting spices. Also available in 500gm and 1kg eco-packaging.

How to make Star Anise tea? A healthy drink mostly consumed in China and South East Asian countries, Star Anise tea is known to help in digestion, bloating and constipation problem. Hence recommended to have post food.



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Star Anise is known to posses anti-oxidant properties and is rich in minerals and Vitamins. It is used as a cooking spice in sweetening soups, stews and other dishes. Its also used in desserts and pudding making. Star Anise is known to soothe cough and cold and as a tea. Star Anise tea improves digestion, bloating and constipation. The tea is mostly consumed in South East Asian countries and in China.

Star Anise in Turkish Glass jar, ideal for spice storage. Tempered glassware for superior resistance and durability. Height 4.5 inch & Dia.3.5 inch. Mini Dome shaped glass jar is also Microwave safe. Safe for storing food and other beverages for your kitchen racks.

Gift spices in this unique glass jar!

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 20 x 12 x 4 cm
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