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Flax Seeds(100gm)

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Flax seeds also know as “Alsi” in Hindi.


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Flax seeds also know as “Alsi” in Hindi, is one of the oldest finer crops cultivated since centuries. Its a food and fiber crop cultivated in cooler regions of the world. Its is also know as “linseed”. It occurs in two basic varieties: Brown and yellow or golden linseeds.!

Features : According to fossil evidences,people started to use flax 30,000 years ago and it was domesticated 7,000 years ago!

Use: Flax is grown for its oil, used as a nutritional supplement. Flaxseed sprouts are edible, with a slightly spice flavour. It is traditionally roasted, powdered and eaten with boiled rice, a little water and some salt, in North India. The seed is mainly used in curries especially mutton preparation.

 Health benefits : Highly known for its nutritional value and health benefits, Flax seeds is a good source of dietary fiber, low on carbohydrates and reduces cholesterol in the blood. They are rich in protein & Magnesium. Flaxseeds contain 54% omega -3 fatty acids. It is also known to control diabetes, aids in digestive health and weight loss.

Weight : 150 Grams

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