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Pathimugam or Dahasamani

Dahasamani (Herbs)100gms

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Dahasamani is a healthy drinking water made with spices and herbs. A common drinking mix found in most Kerala homes. It has an excellent cooling property. It is known to purify blood and improves digestion
The spice herb when mixed with boiling water turns the colour of water to slight pink and has lovely taste. Just like “Jeerapani” or “Jeera water” but with great medicinal and health benefits!
Net wt: 100gms.


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Dahasmani or herbal mix with spices is used for drinking. This herbal mix is a part of daily recipe in every Kerala home. This herbal mix is good for digestion of food and should be consumed in warm water. Just like “Jeerapani” consumed this has more of medicinal value and health benefits.Simply add 1 teaspoon of Dahasamani or herbal drinking mix to boiled water (1litre). The water colour turns slightly pink and is good to consume by filtering the herbs. The same can be boiled again in fresh water and used throughout the day.
Its also called “Pathimugham” or “Karingali” across TamilNadu and parts of Kerala. This herbal drinking mix is know to cure many diseases. Its an important ingredient in all Ayurvedic medicine!
A natural herb found in God’s own country, Kerala.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 12 x 11 x 10 cm
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