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Spices (Cloves,Cardamom & Cassia)(500gm) in Jute Bags

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Spices include Cloves (200g), Green Cardamom (200g) and Cassia (100g) is packed in this tri-pack wooden case, from God’s own country, Kerala.. These spices are hand picked, cleaned and packed in eco friendly jute bags. This wooden case with spices is ideal for gifting your family members.

Net wt: 500 gm


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Home of Spices brings to you farm fresh spices from our own farms,handpicked, cleaned and packed in this wooden case set. The spices are packed in jute bags  with drawstrings, to retain the freshness & flavour.

Cloves (200g), Green Cardamom (200g) & Cassia (100g) is packed in this tri-pack wooden case. Kept it simple so that you can reuse this case to store other spices later! Cloves improve digestion by stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes. cloves can be roasted, powdered and taken with honey for relief in digestive disorders.

Cassia is darker, reddish brown and harsher with overpowering flavour with less sweetness. Its the thicker and dark bark of the tree, and is commonly used in various dishes.

Cardamom is known to control cholesterol, relief from cardiovascular issues and improves blood circulation. Kerala Cardamom is known for its pleasant aroma and flavour and is used in many Indian cuisines.

Weight : 500 gm

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Weight 500 g
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