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June 4, 2017
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How to make Tea with Cinnamon and Star Anise?

Cinnamon Tea

  1. Ceylon Cinnamon stick used in TEA is naturally sweet with ZERO SUGAR
  2. It has to be slow boiled in kettle for 20mins when initially  the tea will have pale yellow colour 
  3. After cooling of water the colour changes from pale yellow to  lovely golden colour!
  4. Remove the strands of cinnamon in tea by straining
  5. You may have to re-heat to serve it hot

The tea has unusually pleasant flavour and citrus taste and aroma. Its perfect for joint pain and body ache!

Star Anise Tea

  • Add 2 Star Anise into your boiling water for each cup . 
  • Let it seep in for 15-18minutes. Strain the Tea and add some raw honey for taste
  • Drink after each meal if you have digestive problems or to cure cough!

To know more about health benefits of Cinnamon; Click here.

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