Pure spices from God's own country!

Home of Spices is an initiative by few farmers from Kerala. With knowledge passed on through generations, we passionately grow Cardamom, Black Pepper, Clove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Mace, Turmeric and more. We hand-pick, clean, store and pack them in Eco-friendly bags. Our mission is to produce quality, pesticide free spices. Our produce is 100% Natural as we constantly innovate in the way we package and deliver the goods too.

We are committed to sustainable farming and protecting our environment. Our produce is in the hills of Idukki district of Kerala.The place is known for its mountainous hills, dense forest and its high-quality agricultural heritage.Ours is a promise to grow Quality Spices and other crops & make it easily available to you. From FARM to FORK!


Izzat Hussain

(An Indian television chef)

Hussain is a food loving person, working hard for several years to search and rearrange authentic recipe of most diminishing Mughlai Awadhi & Lakhnawi cuisine. Learn and collected cooking formula, technique and procedure from old cooks, cooking house wives of royal family and foodies of royal families.

Hussain is known for taking Awadhi cuisine across the globe. He is a food enthusiast, working hard for several years to search and revive authentic recipes of Mughlai, Awadhi & Lakhnawi cuisine. He has learnt the cooking techniques and procedures from old cooks, house wives and foodies of royal families. Few of his specialities are Murgh Mewazad, Karhai Ghosht and Kebab Makhmali. Izzat Hussain is a Unani Physician & Indian, Mughlai Chef. He started his career as a Doctor in Charitable Hospital which is first charitable hospital in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Paluk Khanna

(Food Blogger)

A Chartered Accountant by profession and a passionate foodie. I was born in a family of foodies. I learnt cooking from my Mom and then later on, from my sister. I believe one of the key ingredients of a good recipe is love and patience. Being a working mother I know the importance of time and therefore I try and keep most of my recipes simple and quick. There is nothing better than a simple home cooked nutritious meal. Each dish has a related story, memories to share- Kitchen Fables

She also writes on Kitchenfables

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Home of Spices: Shop for Kerala Spices Online

Home of Spices is a great place to shop for delicious, pure, organic spices and herbs. Farm fresh spices are available to you for your home or restaurant. Many of our customers also opt for a gift box from Home of Spices, as an excellent gift for family, friends, or business associates. The gift boxes are made of naturally grown pine trees, bamboo’s, arecanuts and water hyacinth boxes. We believe in not just sustainable farming practices, but also care for the environment by making these gift boxes from leaves of matured grown plants or trees only!

We offer a great variety of healthy rice, millets, natural extracts and seeds, honey, coconut, coffee, spices & herbs. Our products are high quality Kerala spices and when you buy spices online from us, you get a convenient and secure place to place your order. When your spices or other products arrive, we know you’ll be delighted. There’s nothing as good as cooking with fresh coconut extracts or farm fresh spices!

Buy Pure Kerala Spices Online

We invite you to experience the difference of pure Kerala spices. When you buy from Home of Spices, you shop farm fresh spices from us, you buy organic spices that are grown responsibly and sustainably.

Whether it’s Cardamom, Clove, Cinnamon, Pepper , Nutmeg, Mace , home made sambhar masala’s or Garam Masala’s, curry powder, turmeric, tamarind, or coconut extracts like Vinegar, Desiccated coconut powder, Neera (Coconut Sap) our products are grown in Kerala, and are 100% pesticide-free. We work closely with growers of Saffron, in Kashmir and with farmers in North-East India for Black Rice, Red Rice and Lakadong Turmeric!

Natural Extracts / Oils and More

In addition to being your source for Kerala spices online, we hope you’ll check out our selection of natural extracts, including: aloe vera oil, cold pressed virgin coconut oil, tea tree oil, and more.

The team at Home of Spices are committed to quality products and organic spices and herbs with sustainable farming practices that protect our environment. We also ensure that the packaging is also done in eco-friendly boxes only!

Quality Products Grown in Kerala

Our produce is grown in the hills of the Idukki district of Kerala, a place known for mountainous hills, dense forests and its high-quality agricultural heritage. Ours is a promise to grow quality spices and other crops and to make the ordering process easy for our customers. We continually innovate with best practices to help customers experience the best results with our products.

Taste the difference when you shop with Home of Spices, getting the best quality herbs & spices From FARM to FORK!

We operate from Delhi /NCR and our farm is in the Idukki District of Kerala. Whether you want our products shipped to you in Delhi, Gurugram, Noida or anywhere in India, we look forward to serving you.

  • Brijesh
  • Neelima
    The product is good quality, service and communication was prompt. THANKS!
    Buyers on Amazon
  • Ranjit Sawhney
    One has to compare,what is available in the market ? Great product ! Enjoying my Cinnamon every morning
    Ranjit Sawhney
    Buyers on Amazon
  • Honeygirl
    Oh my gosh!! I think I am tasting pure cinnamon for the first time in life! Amazing quality!
    30 September 2016
  • Mazher Khan
    I use a liberal amount of Cinnamon and Cloves twice a day while preparing my black tea. Any substandard product is clearly found out when you taste the tea, hence searched for premium product everywhere and found this. This has quite strong flavor and came in high quality packing. I did pay a lot more than what I would generally pay for the common brand but I think this is worth it.
    Mazher Khan
    2 November 2016
  • Allen Solof
    We tried your chai masala via Amazon and liked it. Is it possible to buy the product in bulk packaging directly from you in order to reduce the cost?
    Allen Solof
    12th Dec 2016
  • @Homeofspices1 All u who use panchphoran.Pick frm home of spices.They r farmer's.U get farm to tadka product.Happy tadka!Party popper
    Purnima Nanavati
  • Maya
    I do order stuffs online. I found Kasuri Methi and was happy to see the quality of the product. The freshness of spices was indeed intact in your 100gm eco pouches. All the best.
    Kottayam, Kerala
  • Laldawngzela
    Getting spices especially Star Anise in Mizoram is so difficult, because its highly priced. I placed an order with Home of spices and they delivered me star anise in jute bags, more than what I ordered in Amazon!! Now I have them on whatsapp and have placed my second order for Black pepper for my restaurant here.
  • Prabhusen
    I ordered the gift boxes on Amazon and was delighted to see fresh spices packed in screwpine boxes from Kerala. I immediately placed my 2nd order last week on Amazon
  • Saloni Puri
    On seeing the spices on Amazon.in from Home of Spices, Kerala, I dialled them up and there Delhi representative delivered me the spices at home!. Whatsapp wonders
    Saloni Puri
  • Chef Izzat Hussain
    Happy to see the fresh spices I received in Lucknow packed in eco friendly bags. Keep up the good work
    Chef Izzat Hussain
  • Paluk Khanna
    I ordered spices from them on Amazon. As soon the delivery boy rang the bell, the aroma of spices was in the air! It was indeed fresh from the farm and now I regularly buy from Home of Spices, Kerala.
    Paluk Khanna
  • U score 10/10 on cardamom.
  • Rashmi Thakur
    Three days ago, I purchased a 500 g pack of "Natural Kerala Honey". Frankly speaking I didn't expect such a good quality product. The taste is blissfully perfect, and the quality is beyond comparison.
  • Akshiv Srivastav
    I am a resident of Bengaluru, and so I don't find good quality cashews here. Couple of days agao, I ordered the "Jumbo Sized Cashew Nuts in Jute Bag" from you guys. Tuthfully saying, I am overly happy with the quality you guys deliver and I am looking forward to purchase something else as well next time.
  • Neharika Goyel
    I live in Kolkata, and I bought the "Ceylon Cinnamon Toothpick in wooden box" almost a week ago. The quality of the product is highly superior, and the packaging was exactly like it shows over the net. Truly happy to shop from you!



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