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Healthy and nutritious rich snack.
Healthy snacks for your daily needs.
Jackfruit chips for healthy snacks.

Jack fruit chips (200gms)

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Jackfruit chips is tasty and comes with balanced nutrition. This healthy fruit with such nutrient value is rich in protein. It is grown in large parts of Kerala and seems to be the “Jack of all fruits”! Our Jackfruit chips are made in Coconut Oil , considered to be the finest and purest of healthy oils!


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This fruit should be nicknamed “Jack of all fruits”, due to its health benefits and rich nutritional value. Its called “Chakka chips” in Malayalam.It must be a part of your daily snacking! It is fibre rich and aids in digestion. An healthy food for your daily needs.Jackfruit is found in many parts of Kerala, as it grows naturally! It must be a part of your daily balanced diet.Its called “Kathal” in Hindi.

At Home of Spices, an initiative by few farmers from Kerala, we grow spices and other natural products. With knowledge passed on through generations, we passionately grow, process, clean and graded spices and goods are packed in eco-friendly bags only.

Jackfruit chips is available in 200gms, 500gms and 1KG packaging.

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