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Green Cardamom
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Bold Green Cardamom (200g)

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The bold Cardamom is called Alleppey Green Bold Cardamom (AGB) variant is the pod size of each cardamom, which varies between 7mm-8mm and is commonly known as Chothi Elaichi in Hindi.Chothi Elaichi has different size varying from 5-6mm, 7-8mm and 8-9mm.
The 5-6mm size is called Alleppey Green Superior(AGS). The 7-8mm size is AGB and 8-9mm sized pod size is called Alleppey Green Extra Bold (AGEB) Cardamom.

Net wt: 200 gm


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Pure and Natural Bold Green Cardamom packed in  natures box. This box is made from water hyacinth. Gift Kerala spices in a washable box from mother nature! These compact boxes should be washed in every 6 months, and is reusable.

Green Cardamom has delicate flavor and aroma.

Use : It’s used in baking, sweet, and savory dishes. It is also used in making masala chai.

Weight : 200 Grams

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Weight 200 g
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