Izzat Hussain

He in an Indian television chef.

Hussain is a food loving person, working hard for several years to search and rearrange authentic recipe of most diminishing Mughlai Awadhi & Lakhnawi cuisine. Learn and collected cooking formula, technique and procedure from old cooks, cooking house wives of royal family and foodies of royal families.

Hussain is known for taking Awadhi cuisine across the globe. He is a food enthusiast, working hard for several years to search and revive authentic recipes of Mughlai, Awadhi & Lakhnawi cuisine. He has learnt the cooking techniques and procedures from old cooks, house wives and foodies of royal families. Few of his specialities are Murgh Mewazad, Karhai Ghosht and Kebab Makhmali. Izzat Hussain is a Unani Physician & Indian, Mughlai Chef. He started his career as a Doctor in Charitable Hospital which is first charitable hospital in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Hussain uses his knowledge to give a healthy spin to Awadhi cuisine. He belongs to royal family of Awadh and related to the last Nawab of Awadh, Wajid Ali Shah. Dr Izzat Husain making very tasteful food that is easy to digest and beneficial to the health. Countless foodies, bloggers and food Historians are admiring his food technics and spices he use in his cooking. He is known for cooking without using water. Without artificial colour and without yoghurt in cooking. Being a Unani Medicine Practitioner, Chef Dr. Izzat Hussain's food is relatively lower on spices and fat content without discounting on the flavours and texture associated with the rich Awadhi culture, including his signature 'Izzat ki Roti' prepared using multi grains and a seasoning of mild spices, 'Ajwain' and 'Kallonji' etc.

Husain first TV show is QUEST on Traveller XP. He also launched his own Food Consultancy with "Sheesh Mahal Kitchens". Hussain was born in Lucknow capitol of Uttar Pradesh, INDIA and spent most of his childhood in Kanpur & Lucknow. He started in the Medical Industry in 1984 with a bachelor's degree in UNANI Medical, Kanpur.

Hussain is married. He has a daughter and sons.